Historicity Redux

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Here’s an article from a recent Mormon Times: http://mormontimes.com/studies_doctrine/research_discoveries/?id=11607 I was intrigued by this story. John L. Sorenson has lots of books in print. He’s …

Joseph Smith: Treasure-seeker or Prophet

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One of the most controversial aspects of Joseph Smith’s early life—and one not especially well known among most Mormons—is his adventures as a treasure-seeker. His father was likely a treasure-seeker before the family moved to New York from Vermont, where divining rods were the common medium in the search. Sometime in the early 1820s, Joseph was introduced to seer-stones, a common scrying device in western New York. Joseph quickly developed a reputation as a talented seer, and was known to peer into his stone to direct fellow treasure-seekers in their hunts. When Joseph was gaining notoriety as the Book of Mormon was being prepared for publication, local antagonists in Palmyra were quick to ridicule his treasure-seeking activity. A local newspaper editor, Abner Cole, referred to treasure-seers as clear “impostures” in an article on Mormonism and wrote a piece of satire that mocked the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith’s treasure-seeking.

Great Expectations: What Are Your Hopes and Predictions for General Conference?

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“It’s the MOST WONderful TIIIME of the YEARRRRRR.”  The leaves are starting to change color. The evenings and mornings are a bit crisper. Even the …

A Personal Interpretation of Elder Hafen’s Remarks

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At the Evergreen conference held September 18-19, 2009, Elder Bruce Hafen gave a talk regarding homosexuality. The talk was reprinted on the official LDS Church …


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History seems like a collection of facts, but in reality, most history is a collection of stories that we use to give context to the …

What if the Brethren decided to allow gay marriage? by Justin Perry

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What if the Brethren decided to allow gay marriage? They’d have to do a lot of back-peddling to explain why they were suddenly in favor …

Vow of Silence, by David Wilcox

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I wanted to share w/ ya’ll a new song from my favorite artist — David Wilcox. It’s called “Vow of Silence” — and for me, …

‘The only Power to Punish the Church has ever had’?

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Hugh Nibley once said “Excommunication… [is] the only power to punish the Church has ever had”. Yet, what is the nature of this punishment and why does it need to be used at all? How does excommunicating someone fit with Christ’s message to seek out the lost sheep and carry them back?

Niblets Poll Closed

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Voting on the Niblets is now closed.  Watch for final results and in-depth report by  Guest Blogger Ziff to appear Monday!

Poly-What?, or, a Contemporary View of LDS Plural Marriage

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Being from England, we do not really have a Polygamous Pioneer heritage like some from the US. However, we do have something a little more contemporary. I was speaking recently to a single woman who had a few children and had divorced been for some time and as we were speaking about the Church’s history in this area she explained to me a few of her recent experiences with people who wanted to practice Polygamy.

The Word made Flesh: Poetry, Spirituality and Scripture

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I find some poetry immensely moving and even spiritually satisfying. Even though I am not ‘well read’ I still sense that there is a vast reservoir of literature that could provide other channels of communication with God. For me poetry has been one of those channels, especially when it comes to considering my fear of death, I have found it helpful and liberating (check out ‘Aubade’ by Philip Larkin). In addition I have discovered a changing relationship with God through poetry.

No More Strangers

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The church in California is initiating a Young Single Adult conference of unprecedented proportions. On August 7th and 8th, all of the YSA’s in the …

Adam and Eve: the First TBM & NOM

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There have been several attempts over the years to categorize Mormon “belief-styles”: Orthodox Mormon versus Liberal Mormon, Iron Rod Mormon versus Liahona Mormon, and so …