Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson: Tributes are in order

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Two pop icons are gone on the same day. 

A clingy swimsuit; multiple noses – that hair; the moonwalk – Angels; Demons. 

So much to mourn; so much to lampoon.

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  1. My sarcastic side wants SO badly to be let out for this post, but I will refrain for now. Both Farrah and Michael were immense talents, and to lose them on the same day was a shock. I expected Farrah’s death, given her health, but Michael’s . . . I am left wondering how and why – and stifling my humorous reaction.

  2. I refuse to believe it! Michael Jackson is still alive! Mark my words. He and Elvis are chilling on a Carribean beach somewhere laughing at all of us!

  3. I often wonder what happens to famous people when they die. Do they get over there and realize they are no longer famous and they are just like everyone else? Is there a “once famous on earth, but no longer in heaven” support group waiting for them on the other side to help them through the difficult transition? Or are there groupies on the other side just waiting for MJ to arrive? If anyone has a near death experience account that involves famous earthly people I would love to hear it! 🙂

    MJ and FF were big in my time but I can’t say that I really care one way or the other that they have moved on. I thought MJ’s music was fun to dance to as a teenager (because I was a dancer)and I thought Farrah’s hair was the coolest ever (hey, it was the 80’s!), but besides that I wasn’t that impressed with either one of them. I will say that I do feel sorry for people who have to live with fame. I think it would be very difficult and I would never desire it on anyone I know and love.

  4. I admit to having Farrah hair back when it was new and cool. I would use my curling iron to get it to go like that, and then comb it throughout the day. Her movie The Burning Bed left a lasting impression on me when I was much much younger. But I saw her in a roast for William Shatner a couple years ago, and it was so vulgar and horrible. I felt really bad for her because so many of Shatner’s roasters also took potshots at her just because she was there and a previous sex symbol. Roasts are tough to watch anyway, but some of the comments directed at her were just way over the top.

    Did anyone else ever notice that you “succumb” to cancer (as if you had a choice), but you “suffer” from a chronic condition?

  5. I put on Thriller this afternoon and cranked it up as my own little tribute. Neighbors made a few comments, but ultimately tolerated it. Here’s to hoping that MJ will straighten up in the next existence. And that Farrah Fawcett can keep her sweet hair.

  6. Michael was a great man and a great musician, it is very sad to hear of his death. I was a great man and everybody know that. I will miss his precense but in my heart he will live forever. my my heart felt go to his family and his children we pray that God wil give them courage at this moment of hard time.


  7. So sad–MJ experienced both the pinnacle of success (and even adoration, almost human deification) and the depths of public humiliation. I fully expect that God will judge his tender heart and take all aspects of his life into account. Such a brilliantly gifted artist, such a tormented soul. I pray that he has finally found peace.

  8. A great man? If not for millions and millions of dollars and smooth lawyers, he’d be living in prison as a convicted sex offender. He made hundreds of millions and only spent it on himself as quickly as he could in an out-of-control, over-the-top narcissistic lifestyle.

  9. If we can’t judge BY and JS for not knowing what they went through, etc., I say we don’t know what MJ went through either. Obviously, his life had its disturbing elements.

    He’s been trashed enough. At least for a day or two at his death I think he deserves a break.

    RIP, Michael.

  10. I didn’t really know much about Farrah. I’m a bit young I guess. Michael on the other hand is a legend. I do feel for him and his tragedy ridden family.

    I will be listening to Thriller today in his memory.

  11. Dexter:

    I’ve taken the occassional license on this blog to Judge both BY and JS, so I say Michael Jackson is fair game. He may have been disturbed, he may have had a rough time dealing with the already mentioned public deification and international humiliation. That being said, I would have more tolerance for these issues had he been a drug addict who caroused with loose women. The man used his money and his super fame to lure children (including their often times irresponsible, and most likely complicit parents) into false relationships and senses of security by throwing money at them, teasing them with child oriented amusements, and pretending to identify with them under the pretense of being a child stuck in a mans body. By his own admission on national television he shared his bed with Children at his ranch, with whom he had no direct relationship. They would spend literally days and weeks at a time behaving in this way in a total undersupervised manner, doing God knows what, all the while the parents where joy riding on MJ money. Any reverence for his “talent”, is representative of severe social degenerance, misplaced priorities, and at best a simple misunderstanding of the facts. Any musical/celebrity based contributions offered by this mans life should be meritoriously revoked by society given the immense harm offered by his more recent (last 15 – 20 years) conduct to first the children, and second to American sensibilities and values.

  12. How could I forget Farrah. She and her angel partners were part of the “Mutual or No Mutual” dilemma on Wednesday nights so long ago.

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