Richard Dutcher’s Spiritual Journey

John DehlinMormon

Mormon Stories podcast just published a 4-part interview with filmmaker Richard Dutcher, conducted by Dan Wotherspoon.  This is the final portion, where Richard discusses his …

Renee Olson just died

Stephen MarshMormon 3 Comments

Her death was sudden and unexpected.  For more about her: Her Facebook memorial page here:!/pages/Renee-Olson-memorial/158092054201230 She will be missed.

Find heroes

Stephen MarshMormon 15 Comments

I worked for a time on a project involving heroquests and myth structures.  I analyzed historic, legendary and fictional stories and texts, rituals, narratives and …

Toting to Church

Jeff SpectorMormon 16 Comments

I remember when I starting attending Church that many members, mostly woman carried around large white cardboard tote boxes filled with materials, usually for primary …