Looking for a Few New Collaborators/Writers/Podcasters

John DehlinMormon

Mormon Matters is looking for a few new collaborators to re-work the design and purpose/mission of the blog.  We are basically considering 2 things:

  • Bringing back the weekly panel podcast format, adding in live calls from listeners to the mix (like we’ve done a few times on Mormon Stories), and
  • Looking to turn Mormon Matters into more of a Huffington Post-like blog for Mormon issues

If any of you are interested in helping to manage or support Mormon Matters in this way, please email me at: mormonstories@gmail.com

We remain the 2nd or 3rd most highly trafficked Mormon blog in the Internet….so if any of you are interested in being part of the broader Internet discussion, we’d love to talk.


  • Really, really good writing skills or conversational ability (for the podcast)
  • A constructive approach towards the LDS church and Mormonism