White and Delightsome or Pure and Delightsome? (Cognitive dissonance 2)

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I’m 1/16 th Chippewa and don’t even look a little Indian! I figure from my knee down is pure Chippewa and  for whatever reason  I …

In the Shadow of the Temple by Guest

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A close friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous recently saw in the shadow of the temple his story follows: In October, I was …

Temple Wedding Petition

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A temple wedding petition to is being circulated to promote love and happiness in the family by changing the church’s stance on civil marriages preceding temple …

Brother Brigham Brother Young

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Recently I drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon with my brother and nephew.  This is the canyon in which many of your ancestors pulled out  the …

Filtered Visions by guest Reuben Collins

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I’ve been thinking about Levi Peterson’s The Backslider lately (SPOILERS AHEAD).

The Purposes of God Cannot Be Frustrated

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The title is from DC3:1.  Today’s guest post is from Bouvet and is in reference to this year’s Doctrine & Covenants manual, Lesson 4 is Remember …

How Active Are You? How Orthodox Are You? A Self-Assessment

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Take this assessment and find out: (Taken from D. Jeff Burton’s For Those Who Wonder : forthosewhowonder.com. Similar to a Correlation Department survey on Religion …

In Defense of Apologists

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The term “apologist” is often used derisively like the terms “lawyer,” “statistician,” or “telemarketer.”  Why are apologists so derided?  Is it warranted or just a …