Interfaith International British DJ

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OK Paul technically isn’t exactly an international DJ, not unless you consider that you can listen to his interviews on line.

The Untold Story of Black Mormons by Guest

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When I served a mission in eastern Canada in the early 90s, there were many things I was grateful for (warm boots, wool suits, fairly …

Horus Bible Parallels

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Recently I saw Religulous here and he touched on Horus here and a few of the parallels between the story of Horus and Jesus. Many …

In Defense of Apologists

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The term “apologist” is often used derisively like the terms “lawyer,” “statistician,” or “telemarketer.”  Why are apologists so derided?  Is it warranted or just a …

Virtual RS/PH #14 – Words of Hope & Consolation @ Time of Death

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A word to the teachers out there.  I know what you are thinking.  Something like, “Ugh.  I got the death lesson?!”  So, if you have …

Obedience: Virtual RS/PH #13

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Welcome to the second virtual co-ed 3rd hour.  This week’s lesson is a topic that is often a seething hotbed of Mormon Matters controversy:  “Obedience:  When …