What if the Brethren decided to allow gay marriage? by Justin Perry

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What if the Brethren decided to allow gay marriage? They’d have to do a lot of back-peddling to explain why they were suddenly in favor …

The Problem with Tolerance

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The church has a history of high level leaders making sweeping pronouncements that are later deemed incorrect, speculative, or unauthorized, yet in each case, church …

Does Tom Hanks Hate Mormons?

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Tom Hanks is a beloved actor to many Mormons for his family-friendly roles and everyman quality.  Yet, his recent negative remarks (and hasty retraction) calling …

A Brand New Year

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Temperance Movement and The Word of Wisdom

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For almost two centuries the Word of Wisdom is solid proven evidence to many members that the Church is true.

Brainwashed?: Polygamists & Terrorists

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Are teens who practice polygamy devout or brainwashed?  Are teen terrorists devout or brainwashed?  When is a teen old enough to be held accountable for …