Women are from Venus, Men are from Kolob

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Based on my experience, I would guess that the majority of LDS women under age 65 would say that polygamy is NOT an eternal principle …

Interfaith International British DJ

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OK Paul technically isn’t exactly an international DJ, not unless you consider that you can listen to his interviews on line.

Are we going to be Eunuchs after this life?

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My home teacher (who is very cool) came by yesterday to drop off some starter cables for my car and as one does in that …

Go to Church or Die!

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A recent article in Time discusses several studies about the correlation between faith and health.  Does church attendance contribute to a healthier, longer life?  Is …

A Brand New Year

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Nipples, Sexism and Racism

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There was an interesting article in Time recently about Facebook’s censorship of pics with nips, specifically eliminating pictures of breastfeeding moms (and, in their defense, a few …

Who’s Winning the War on Christmas?

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Peter Brimelow, a British journalist, is credited with coining the term “War on Christmas” in 1999 to describe the politically correct movement in English-speaking countries to …

Virtual RS/PH #20 – A Heart Full of Love & Faith: The Prophet’s Letters to His Family

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This lesson discusses the written correspondence Joseph sent to Emma during his frequent absences.  IMO, this is a tough lesson for many reasons, so read …

Prophetic Smackdown: Moses vs. Joseph Smith

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Today’s post is from an anonymous guest blogger.  The critics of the church like to point the finger at Joseph Smith, citing polygamy, concealing polygamy, …

Paul: Apostle, Misogynist?

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“I’m not bad.  I’m just drawn that way.”  Jessica Rabbit Plenty of criticism is heaped on post-restoration church leaders.  There seems to be a tendency …