After Action Report: The Community of Christ Did WHAT?

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Headline in the Independence Examiner for Thursday, April 15, 2010: “Delegation Takes No Action on Human Sexuality Issues: Church Will Continue Dialogue.” Headline  by John …

In the Shadow of the Temple by Guest

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A close friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous recently saw in the shadow of the temple his story follows: In October, I was …

Joseph Smith: Treasure-seeker or Prophet

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One of the most controversial aspects of Joseph Smith’s early life—and one not especially well known among most Mormons—is his adventures as a treasure-seeker. His father was likely a treasure-seeker before the family moved to New York from Vermont, where divining rods were the common medium in the search. Sometime in the early 1820s, Joseph was introduced to seer-stones, a common scrying device in western New York. Joseph quickly developed a reputation as a talented seer, and was known to peer into his stone to direct fellow treasure-seekers in their hunts. When Joseph was gaining notoriety as the Book of Mormon was being prepared for publication, local antagonists in Palmyra were quick to ridicule his treasure-seeking activity. A local newspaper editor, Abner Cole, referred to treasure-seers as clear “impostures” in an article on Mormonism and wrote a piece of satire that mocked the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith’s treasure-seeking.

Women are from Venus, Men are from Kolob

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Based on my experience, I would guess that the majority of LDS women under age 65 would say that polygamy is NOT an eternal principle …

Liberal Mormonism III: Prognosis

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Count up all the liberal Mormons you know. Now, compare that number to the number you knew ten years ago. Now multiply the difference between …

Liberal Mormonism II: Why I am a Liberal Mormon

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I was raised in a household of faith. My parents are believers who encouraged discussion of religion in their home. I’ve asked around and found …

Liberal Mormonism I: Diagnosis

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Let me be clear about a few things. First, I have been diagnosed as a liberal Mormon. Second, liberal Mormonism has been discussed before in …

My Top Ten Cultural Sins, or Why I Don’t Mark My Scriptures

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10. I don’t mark my scriptures. The last time I did was 12 years ago and it was to make it easier to find the …

WWJB: What Would Jesus Blog?

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It’s been a few months since I first came out to my family and friends. I’d been living a secret double life for too long, …