The Word made Flesh: Poetry, Spirituality and Scripture

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I find some poetry immensely moving and even spiritually satisfying. Even though I am not ‘well read’ I still sense that there is a vast reservoir of literature that could provide other channels of communication with God. For me poetry has been one of those channels, especially when it comes to considering my fear of death, I have found it helpful and liberating (check out ‘Aubade’ by Philip Larkin). In addition I have discovered a changing relationship with God through poetry.

Interfaith International British DJ

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OK Paul technically isn’t exactly an international DJ, not unless you consider that you can listen to his interviews on line.

The Untold Story of Black Mormons by Guest

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When I served a mission in eastern Canada in the early 90s, there were many things I was grateful for (warm boots, wool suits, fairly …

Filtered Visions by guest Reuben Collins

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I’ve been thinking about Levi Peterson’s The Backslider lately (SPOILERS AHEAD).

Horus Bible Parallels

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Recently I saw Religulous here and he touched on Horus here and a few of the parallels between the story of Horus and Jesus. Many …

A Brand New Year

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The Problem with Authority

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Mormons are sometimes criticized for their unquestioning obedience to authority.  Statements like “When the prophet has spoken, the thinking is done,” and the Primary song …

Abstinence= Don’t think the colour red! Don’t think the colour red!

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“The National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health” (Add Health), Found that conservative and evangelical Christian teenagers are more sexually active than mainline Protestants, Jews, and …

Episode 11: Our Favorite Books on Mormonism

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In today’s episode, J. Nelson-Seawright, David King Landrith and I discuss our favorite books on mormonism (listed below). J. Nelson-Seawright’s Recommendations D. Michael Quinn: The …