Temple Wedding Petition

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A temple wedding petition to is being circulated to promote love and happiness in the family by changing the church’s stance on civil marriages preceding temple …

Interfaith International British DJ

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OK Paul technically isn’t exactly an international DJ, not unless you consider that you can listen to his interviews on line.

The Problem with Whistleblowers

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A whistleblower is someone internal to an organization who alleges misconduct.  So, what if the organization is the church?  Does the church handle whistleblowers effectively …

A Brand New Year

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Nipples, Sexism and Racism

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There was an interesting article in Time recently about Facebook’s censorship of pics with nips, specifically eliminating pictures of breastfeeding moms (and, in their defense, a few …

Temperance Movement and The Word of Wisdom

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For almost two centuries the Word of Wisdom is solid proven evidence to many members that the Church is true.

What is a Testimony?

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Ironically, some of you with “strong testimonies” may think that those struggling with their testimony make only a small percentage of us here today. The …

Obedience: Virtual RS/PH #13

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Welcome to the second virtual co-ed 3rd hour.  This week’s lesson is a topic that is often a seething hotbed of Mormon Matters controversy:  “Obedience:  When …

Paul: Apostle, Misogynist?

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“I’m not bad.  I’m just drawn that way.”  Jessica Rabbit Plenty of criticism is heaped on post-restoration church leaders.  There seems to be a tendency …

Virtual Co-Ed RS/PH: Missionary Work (Lesson 12)

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Welcome to the first ever Virtual Co-ed Relief Society/Priesthood Lesson (at MM anyway)!  Here’s why you should join the discussion: Virtual – you can participate …