Temple Wedding Petition

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A temple wedding petition to is being circulated to promote love and happiness in the family by changing the church’s stance on civil marriages preceding temple …

Are we going to be Eunuchs after this life?

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My home teacher (who is very cool) came by yesterday to drop off some starter cables for my car and as one does in that …

Faith vs. Doubt

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“Faith and doubt cannot exist in the same mind at the same time, for one will dispel the other.”

The Untold Story of Black Mormons by Guest

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When I served a mission in eastern Canada in the early 90s, there were many things I was grateful for (warm boots, wool suits, fairly …

Big Love -Big News

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Revelation & Things

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Today’s post comes from The Teacher.  Section 8 of the Doctrine & Covenants refers to “another gift” Olivery Cowdery had, called at different times “the …

The Purposes of God Cannot Be Frustrated

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The title is from DC3:1.  Today’s guest post is from Bouvet and is in reference to this year’s Doctrine & Covenants manual, Lesson 4 is Remember …

A Brand New Year

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Virtual RS/PH #22: Gaining Knowledge of Eternal Truths

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Mormonism has a focus on gaining knowledge that is unique in Christendom, largely due to the emphasis that Joseph Smith placed on learning.  Joseph’s total …

Virtual RS/PH #20 – A Heart Full of Love & Faith: The Prophet’s Letters to His Family

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This lesson discusses the written correspondence Joseph sent to Emma during his frequent absences.  IMO, this is a tough lesson for many reasons, so read …

How Active Are You? How Orthodox Are You? A Self-Assessment

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Take this assessment and find out: (Taken from D. Jeff Burton’s For Those Who Wonder : forthosewhowonder.com. Similar to a Correlation Department survey on Religion …

Prophetic Smackdown: Moses vs. Joseph Smith

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Today’s post is from an anonymous guest blogger.  The critics of the church like to point the finger at Joseph Smith, citing polygamy, concealing polygamy, …

Virtual RS/PH #15: Establishing the Cause of Zion

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Okay, last week I said the death lesson was going to be tough.  Frankly, I think a Zion lesson is no picnic either.  I’m looking …

Virtual RS/PH #14 – Words of Hope & Consolation @ Time of Death

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A word to the teachers out there.  I know what you are thinking.  Something like, “Ugh.  I got the death lesson?!”  So, if you have …

Obedience: Virtual RS/PH #13

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Welcome to the second virtual co-ed 3rd hour.  This week’s lesson is a topic that is often a seething hotbed of Mormon Matters controversy:  “Obedience:  When …

Virtual Co-Ed RS/PH: Missionary Work (Lesson 12)

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Welcome to the first ever Virtual Co-ed Relief Society/Priesthood Lesson (at MM anyway)!  Here’s why you should join the discussion: Virtual – you can participate …

Episode 11: Our Favorite Books on Mormonism

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In today’s episode, J. Nelson-Seawright, David King Landrith and I discuss our favorite books on mormonism (listed below). J. Nelson-Seawright’s Recommendations D. Michael Quinn: The …