Come to….Sunstone, Come to….Sun….stone.

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The wonderfully splendid Salt Lake Sunstone symposium is upon us, once again.

When? August 4-7

Where? Salt Lake City Sheraton

What? Lots of thoughtful Mormon goodness, including:

  • A plenary with Mr. Deity himself!
  • Our own AskMormonGirl Joanna Brooks on several panels
    • The Book of Job
    • Our Voices, Our Visions: A mormon women’s literary tour encore performance
    • Glenn Beck: Likely mormon or unlikely mormon?
  • Our own BiV (Cheryl) in a panel entitled: “Seeing as Believing”
  • Our own Stephen Marsh, in a panel entitled: “The stories we tell: How an unpleasant truth can be more inspirational
    than a pleasant fiction”
  • Our own John Dehlin and Natasha Parker (Mormon Therapist) collaborating on 2 workshops:

    • “How to navigate an LDS crisis of faith in or out of the church”
    • “How to navigate an LDS marriage when one of you loses their testimony”

….and much, much more!

Don’t delay!  Register today!!!!

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  1. I wish I could attend all the sessions, but I plan to attend on saturday. perhaps I may sneak in a few evening sessions, but I am hoping to get together with some of you.

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