God is an Ocean

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divine visionYanna the prophetess was sitting under a tree praying and meditating for days and a vision surges over her like a tidal wave of overwhelming, transcendent, divine love and connection to the infinite. A mighty voice of thunder like crashing surf declares to her “I am … that I am.  You will declare this message to the world.” There are no words to describe it.  She does her best and proclaims loudly “God is an ocean!  Hear these my words and seek after God.”

monk in surfHeston, a religious devotee, comes along and hears Yanna’s revelation. Heston sprints to the shore, leaps into the surf,  and gets knocked down and dragged around in the waves. Heston crawls back onto the beach  soaking wet, covered with cuts and bruises. He mutters “God is powerless in the waters or is cruel.  Yanna is a false prophetess! My robes are a torn up mess.”

testing soilWessley, a scientist, also heard Yanna make this factual assertion. He immediately does a detailed chemical analysis of the environment around her. No molecules of ocean salt water are detected in the atmosphere or on the ground near the tree. Her clothes are perfectly dry. He writes a report explaining “Yanna the Prophetess made false statements concerning God. No evidence of an ocean was detected during her experience; therefore, it can be assumed with accuracy that she did not talk to God.”

last supperHere lies to rest the body of our expectations, a sacrament of bread and wine, a digestion of flesh and blood.  Our Church is true and false and irrelevant.  Some of us find truths.  Some of us see lies.  Most of the world didn’t even know we were looking.  There is nothing more vital to being human, and swimming in an ocean.

YHWH is an ocean.

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  1. I love it! Very timely for me as well.

    Of course the scientist is not going to understand WHY Yanna believes what she does–he has not experienced what she has.

  2. Post

    I knew this post would not generate a lot of comments and discussion. I put a lot of love and thought into it. It’s just there … to be enjoyed or not enjoyed as each of us pleases.

  3. Valoel,that’s beautiful.It is what it is,as my gnomic husband would say(he’s no guy for existential crises).Thankyou for your careful thoughts.I’m often ‘not waving but drowning’.

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