Feminist Conference Matching Game–Updated with Answers

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Do you know your Apostles’ wives? Bonus points if you can give first/maiden names in the comments. (Don’t cheat–only make a guess if you didn’t have to look it up!!)

Katherine Jessop Christofferson[poll id=”69″]

Kathy Sue Williams Anderson[poll id=”70″]

Wendy L. Watson Nelson[poll id=”71″]

Mary Gaddie Cook[poll id=”72″]

Kristen Meredith McMain Oaks[poll id=”73″]

Mary Elene Crandall Hales[poll id=”74″]

Patricia Terry Holland[poll id=”75″]

Frances Beverly Johnson Monson[poll id=”76″]

Harriet Reich Uchtdorf[poll id=”77″]

Barbara Bowen Ballard[poll id=”78″]

Barbara Dayton Perry[poll id=”79″]

Kathleen Johnson Eyring[poll id=”80″]

Donna Smith Packer[poll id=”81″]

Susan Kae Robinson Bednar[poll id=”82″]

More bonus points if you know whose wife was mentioned during Saturday’s talks.

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  1. Well, it seems that the Apostles’ wives must do more “behind the scenes” work than, say, Michelle Obama.
    Keep guessing, the answers will appear at the end of Sunday’s conference sessions!!

  2. I know Elder Nelson’s wife was the former Wendy Watson. She is a marriage and family therapist and has written several books.

  3. Francis Johnson Monson
    Harriet —-uchtdorf
    Donna Smith Packer
    Wendy Watson Nielson
    Patricia Terry Holland
    Barbara —Ballard
    Jeannie Watkins Scott (deceased)

    That’s it without cheating

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