Renee Olson just died

Stephen MarshMormon 3 Comments

Her death was sudden and unexpected.  For more about her: Her Facebook memorial page here:!/pages/Renee-Olson-memorial/158092054201230 She will be missed.

Find heroes

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I worked for a time on a project involving heroquests and myth structures.  I analyzed historic, legendary and fictional stories and texts, rituals, narratives and …

God and Mammon

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We are conflicted about wealth in the Church.  A goodly portion of members are neo-Calvinists, certain that fore-ordination and inherent grace are both manifested by …


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I have been thinking of a friend’s sister recently.  She methodically broke every chair, save one, in her parent’s house.  She was very large, felt …

Feminist Paul

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I’ve been reading translator’s notes and development comments on the NET Bible.  The section on gender accurate vs. gender inclusive has been interesting, since they …


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History seems like a collection of facts, but in reality, most history is a collection of stories that we use to give context to the …

Running on Empty

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Relying on, seeking, finding and responding to the Spirit is much like weightlifting.  Not only is it a process that takes a great deal of …

So What is God?

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The view of God’s godliness ranges from God as a Bonewits Parasite to God as the ex nilho creator who controls everything down to the …

Nurturing Humor

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Currently there are four active humor blogs in the Bloggernacle. The Snark! Latte Day Saints Trash Calls The 9th Ward Amazingly, all of them delete …

Believing Christ

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Christ said: Ye ought to forgive one another; for he that forgiveth not his brother his trespasses standeth condemned before the Lord; for there remaineth …