Polygamy and Same Sex Marriage

Stephen MarshMormon 8 Comments

Well, an FLDS update, that includes a link to an Ikea spoof.

What other things that everyone seems to be taking seriously can you think of spoofing?

Borrowing from Grits for Breakfast:

” here’s some recent coverage that may interest Grits readers:”

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  1. Done with genuine mirth and good humor, I agree that such a spoof could be very funny! I’d just point out that “Gay Pride” celebrations really aren’t about being “prideful.” Rather, it’s about choosing not to be ashamed of who you are (even if you’re LDS and celibate! Heh!). 🙂

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  3. Yes, Stephen, “matured” humor often is better than “immatured” humor – as this comment proves, one way or the other. 🙂

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  5. It’s the hottest, I bet the burning topic here in the blogosphere now, and to actually gather this fun and humorous links is lightening. It’s a serious stuff though but we been to a lot…

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