For Pioneer Day, a Prophet of Peace

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Prophet of Peace

This is why I love President Monson! He has the common touch and appears to love people.

If you watch the video linked above, you will see the news piece on Salt Lake TV. At the very end, President Monson ends the informal report by flashing a peace sign, saying “Peace!” and chuckling. I was completely enamored of him once again.

So watch him in the Pioneer Day parade and enjoy!

If you want to comment, feel free:

Would President Hinckley have flashed a peace sign?

Is this a subtle pro-Obama signal from our revered ecclesiastical leader?

Are Mormons just stuck in the 1960s?

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  1. Sounds like one of those things that old folks do…the kind of things that make their grandchildren and great-grandchildren cringe and want to melt into the floor and disappear. 🙂

  2. Funny, it seems to me that at first all the presidents of the church are light and funny and then they get tired after running all over the world to meet members and they start focusing on church business more than anything else. Who would blame them for that?
    I like president Monson a lot, not because he is “funny” but because I have always liked him since I was a teenager.

  3. This is a covert nod to the liberal, moderate, and independent Mos out there. It’s a little known fact that Monson is a big fan of our blog (even less well known than many other fictitious facts).

  4. Post

    Did this seem prearranged to any of you? Was the reporter wandering through the hotel with his cameraperson and stumbled onto Tom Monson, local celebrity?

  5. No matter if it is president Monson or Brad Pitt, this is kind of thing is always partly prearranged. They know he shows up there quite often, they know the time, he knows they are likely to be there since they have talked with the man who polishes his shoes and that’s it. No need for an appoitment really.

  6. The several times I have been in attendance when Monson spoke, he would exit quickly when the meeting ended. Rather than staying to ‘receive’ the crowd, he and his driver were the first ones out of the building. Kinda reminds me of myself when the Bears were playing…

    This type of contrived outing is probably designed to dispel the idea that he normally avoids the commoner.

  7. I find it interesting how people see what they want to see and fill in so much. A man got his shoes shined, big whoopee.

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