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  1. It is the greatest sin of all mankind how the children of the world are treated. They are innocent and have virtually no choice in their circumstances. Abuse, War, Hunger.

    There is never was a better question to ask than WWJD?

    Thanks, John for that reminder.


    1) We are launching a website/blog called LDS Cooperative tomorrow where we encourage Mormons to turn off the computer and do something! We have all sorts of suggestions on how we can help change this world for the better.

    2) Also…join KIVA and help make the world a better place.

    Cheers for the video join….you are a dreamer like John Lennon….

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  4. A powerful clip…heartbreaking, as well.

    –NM Tony sets his soapbox down and steps up–

    I find it rather telling that this post only has seven posts on it while other superfluous ones are loaded with dozens. It seems to stand with other American priorities until the “silent tsunami” hits our shores, we have a tendency to be complacent and apathetic.

    To echo what Stephen Wellington wrote, do something. Obviously, God remains mute or powerless on the subject, so humanity must take care of itself. Here are three more sites to consider:

    Each of these sites have other links. Heck, you don’t even have to pay or get out of your chair to get your voice heard, so what is the harm? Sign a petition, send a letter, inform others.

    –NM Tony steps down from soap box, brushes it off, picks it up, and meanders out.–

  5. I know I’m a little late here, but I just saw this wonderful video. I’d just add that the US Campaign for Burma is doing a 30-day video-a-day campaign to raise awareness for the awful human rights situation there. Burma is the largest recruiter of child soldiers (70,000 is the estimate from Human Rights Watch). These videos are very accessible, with famous stars who people know and which give a great primer on what’s happening there. Learn more yourself, then help raise awareness among your friends.

    John, thanks for this post. It is what the gospel is really about. I certainly enjoy the intellectual discussions, debates, and inquiries that are such a part of the bloggernacle, but posts like this really strike home the most.

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