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  1. Well done! Such an apt metaphor.  This puts words to the reason I always make sure Mormon Matters is part of my week.  I think Dan really makes an effort to keep us listeners out of the echo chamber.

  2. Allan,
    Thank you for writing and sharing such nice thoughts.  I think it is easy to convince ourselves that skepticism is so noble, when really, what often requires more faith and courage is to take a place among the quiet believers, even when we still have questions.  I think it is still so important to explore, question, search out, but we don’t need to tout our concerns as the whole of our religion.  Great essay!  I’ll pass it along. 

  3.  Allan,
    What a beautiful essay.  You put clear words to a struggle that I think I experience at a more subconscious level.  You provided a helpful litmus test with which I can examine my own motives, and with which I hope to act in a less self-serving, less self-congratulatory manner.  Thank you.

  4. Wonderful–something I definitely needed to hear, and a perspective that I think would be very healthy to hear more in Open Stories settings, given the easy transition from anger or frustration to self-importance.

  5. How many times have you clicked on an “innocent-looking” link only to be blindsided by some kind of explicit sex web site? So why would I deliberately click on a link with the word “masturbatory” in it?

    (P.S. I didn’t listen to this podcast and, as long as it invokes such imagery, no thank you anyway..)

  6. Wow, that’s a powerful metaphor.  Of course I can’t help but think of the Glen Becks and Rush Limbaughs of the world – I’ve always wondered how they can consistently maintain such a high level of rage without stroking out. But this sort of behavior happens on all sides, anger and rage are compelling. It can feel really good to get all enraged over this or that, but this is a powerful reminder that this kind of behavior is unproductive and self congratulatory.

    When we start yelling, we’re expressing an emotion not an argument. 

  7. Oh this is wonderful, so wonderful.  It’s amazing to me how without ever having met you how I love you people, John Dehlin, Dan Wotherspoon, and now Allan Davis.  Thanks for sharing. 

  8. greg anderson sounds like a massive tool. masturbatory is an adjective that doesnt have to refer to sex. what a prude

  9. Great Podcast. I love the idea of “Keep looking.” I’m still here, still looking, waiting, and hoping to see things a knew. Thank you!

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