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  1. So I did listen in all the way through.
    At one point I felt like someone was reading the horoscope and I could see myself in all the categories.

    It’s eye opener for me, but others don’t seem to be as excited as I am about learning about it which baffles me.

    Someone said I was 7 that has moved to a 1. Now I still have to take an unreliable test to inform me.
    Any links that can point me in the right direction to take this test?

  2. So, I started listening (after YOUR podcast (s), in one day, I might add. Getting ready for work, driving to and from work and anything else inbetween. ) to Richard Rohr’s podcast and when he hit 4 I responded with “Darn it! I am on the light side of life-kinda flaky, not very necessary to the world, and I do love to dress and make my home attractive to me-because I am worldly? Then he mentioned 4 has a love of self pity, so that shut me up.

    I was surprised at the amount of shame underneath my response because 4’s, in my mind aren’t necessary, aren’t builders of mankind. We decorate it.

    So, it did explain a lot of things, especially in the emotions category, I am an addict in recovery for many years (food) and a few others points matched spot on.

    So now I hope to find the upside of 4 w3. Another podcast said that well developed 4’s are comfortable with difficult emotions and are good at sitting with someone in pain, just being there with them. I LIKED that a lot. I hope to be able to develop that ability.

    I appreciate the podcast, because now it makes since, why I have always thought I was missing something, something was wrong with me and now I can dump much of that belief. I am not missing something, any more or less than anyone else:) Ah, do I hear some self pity in that:)

    1. no. You are 1 type but with SO many layers. Sounds like you may have a strong 5 wing. This is why learning and studying the layers and nuances to the Enneagram is so important. I thought for about a year I was a 4, but then realized that I go there ALOT as a 2. That is where I integrate in health. But understand it took me about a year of intense judicious studying before I felt confident in “who I was” and why… remember is it not behavior that dictates your type it is motive. Best Wishes.

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