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  1. Looking forward to seeing the rumors confirmed.
    Some of them seem to be getting out of hand.

    I’ve never seen so many rumors fly around like they have lately.

  2. There is more murmuring in these podcasts than the 1st book of Nephi. I came here looking for interesting discussion regarding the upcoming conference. If I am being perfectly honest, the contributors to the podcast come off as bitter and pretentious towards the church, its leaders, and the entire revelatory process. Its clear that at least some of them, view the church as more of a political organization, making decisions and changes based on the mere will of the people, with an eye on the almighty dollar, rather than the will of the Lord. They often attempt to mask their criticisms of church and reclaim the moral high ground by virtue signaling their desire to have the church focus more on charity and love towards others. I don’t know what has happened in their lives that has caused such jaded points of view, but if you’re looking for uplifting, meaningful, and positive gospel centered discussions, look elsewhere.

    1. Being perfectly honest, I find every church change so far points points to the rebranding of an obsolete brand. “Mormon” is now in the ashbin of history with Kentucky Fried Chicken, Philip Morris, Andersen Consulting and Dunkin Donuts.

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