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  1. Thank you. I enjoyed the discussion. David eluded to a statistic that 73% of 21+? year old members are considered less active. Could you please give the source for that? I could use it in some things I am working on. Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes Lynn, that conclusion must have been drawn up by Jana Reiss – in Next Mormons study that she conducted.
      She has been on Mormon Matters too I believe. That is the only study that reveals this statistic. But I find it to be true for the Ward that I am in.

      I would however like your opinion if you agree with the conclusion that this study reached.


  2. David MacKay,

    I had a hard time getting through Rough Stone Rolling as well until I found an audio version that was released recently on Audible/Amazon. Check it out and you’ll be finished 29 hours from now!


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