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  1. I realized I never addressed the David E. MacKay clarification that Dan asked right at the beginning of the podcast introduction. I figure I’ve answered that questions so many times before I don’t have to anymore. 🙂 Ernest is my Middle name and my last name is spelled differently and as far as I can go back on my family history I have no relationship with David O. McKay. Yes, I often get asked if I have some relationship with him and Sadly I don’t.

    Cheers everyone, it was very enjoyable for me to be on with you all.

  2. Thank you. I enjoyed the discussion. David eluded to a statistic that 73% of 21+? year old members are considered less active. Could you please give the source for that? I could use it in some things I am working on. Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes Lynn, that conclusion must have been drawn up by Jana Reiss – in Next Mormons study that she conducted.
      She has been on Mormon Matters too I believe. That is the only study that reveals this statistic. But I find it to be true for the Ward that I am in.

      I would however like your opinion if you agree with the conclusion that this study reached.


  3. David MacKay,

    I had a hard time getting through Rough Stone Rolling as well until I found an audio version that was released recently on Audible/Amazon. Check it out and you’ll be finished 29 hours from now!


  4. Been enjoying the podcast. One of your guests made a statement that seemed a mistake to me, so I dug into the historical record to verify. Your guest had been disturbed that “Saints” on page 448 had Joseph Smith saying “I now have the key by which I can do it” when she felt that the authors should have instead included Joseph’s statement about Joseph “turning the key to you”, implying that the authors had chosen a less controversial variant of Joseph’s statement.

    It sounded to me like “Saints” was referring to a different statement by Joseph Smith and not some variant of the “turning the key” statement. That is in fact the case. “Saints” on page 448 is quoting from the Sarah M. Kimball reminiscence of March 17, 1882, in which she is remembering the events in early March 1842 when Sarah Kimball and others were contemplating forming some society to help relieve the temple workers. Joseph Smith was communicating that he had something grander in mind and that “I now have the key by which I can do it.”

    Later, after the initial few meetings of the Female Relief Society of Nauvoo, on April 28, 1842 Joseph Smith was instructing the Relief Society when he made the statement recorded in the minutes as “I now turn the key to you in the name of God and this Society shall rejoice and knowledge and intelligence shall flow down from this time.” In fact, “Saints” even includes this latter quote on page 452.

    So, we have two different statements by Joseph Smith on two different occasions relating to “keys” and the Relief Society, both of which are quoted in “Saints.”

    On this topic, something I found interesting in the Relief Society minutes from this meeting of April 28, 1842 is that earlier in his instruction, Joseph Smith is reported to have “spoke[n] of delivering the keys to this Society and to the church— that according to his prayers God had appointed him elsewhere.” Rather than turning keys to the Relief Society, as he was reported to say later in the meeting, at this point he talks of delivering the keys to both the Relief Society and the Church. “Saints” does not include this statement in its discussion of Joseph’s early teachings to the Relief Society.

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