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  1. I agree with you Dan. Most organisations do change policy, beliefs, dogmas and doctrines because of public pressures and via the strength and power of the internet.
    But this organisation; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, self defines as a different, perhaps a singularly, exclusivist organisation.
    It self identifies as the ‘one true church’. It cannot be so pigeon holed with other organisations. So the fact that other organisations change by public pressure, this cannot be the case with Jesus Christ.
    How many times have church leaders said that it is Jesus Christ who directs his church, not the world?
    Did not Jesus say several times ‘My kingdom is not of this wotld’
    The church cannot claim to be Christ’s church and claim the frailties of other institutions. It is either the one or the other. And yes! I’m being very polarising aren’t I? But this is a polarity the church itself has set. Yet again shooting itself in the foot.
    Cannot have it both ways.

    1. I wonder sometimes how God or Christ directs his affairs. Is his voice not among those who cry out or protest publicly. Is his voice not spoken through scientific research or peer reviewed studies? If we take it even further one could say that God speaks through Polls and Surveys.

      We may not see exactly in this way, but there’s something to be said of that too.

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