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  1. Dan, this has been one of my favorite episodes.
    It is a radical idea to consider the benefits of open proselyting.
    You’re right that today we are in a position of not wanting to contaminate our thoughts with other people’s ideas.

    Yet our society doesn’t have a healthy set of rules to engage in differences, nor are they dojo masters everywhere ensuring a balanced respectful debate of ideas.

    Perhaps we can have politician advocate for such things even though they are poor examples presently of what engaging in different beliefs look like.

    I’m not so sure that having missionaries (not terrorists) reduces risks to society, but it is an interesting thought. I do think we should create a sandbox with social rules for engagement are permitted, but I thought that’s what having public areas (such as cafe’s and clubs) were for. However, history has proven that if we are too different then we become threats to the general society and we risk being exterminated. Hopefully we are not too different already.

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