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  1. Thank you for this discussion, it was wonderful to hear from all of you, and I appreciate the work you have done and continue to do.. I have always had a soft spot in my soul for the poor and needy, struggling and suffering. Yet I also envy the joy and presentness with which they often live their lives. I would love to see 100 times more than the current $40,000,000 given to humanitarian causes. It could include education/health facilities run by locally trained people, providing jobs as well as education. I know BYU does some projects with third world countries. The possibilities are myriad. I for one would love to donate to causes such as this, even if I don’t have great surplus. I think others would also. It could bring meaning to our lives that is often missing in our affluent societies.
    Didn’t the church just offer the NAACP access to the Pathways program? I think it is wonderful and hope there will be more initiatives like this.

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