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  1. Can we get a list of principles that were expressed in the podcast?

    There were many great ones. Perhaps Steven or Kristine have some notes they brought to the program.

    Thanks. Loved the show

    1. If at all possible, set the chairs up in a circle.

      Ask questions that imply multiple answers.

      Avoid judgment statements in your questions.

      Build the word “you” into your questions to invite class members’ personal experiences. Note who reacts to a response and ask them what they were thinking.

      Prepare a messy story of your own that will make room in the discussion for honesty.

      Gospel teaching is about understanding each other, not understanding a concept. As Teaching in the Savior’s Way says, “Focus on people, not lessons.”

  2. I was disappointed that this was wholly focused on teaching adults. Most teachers are teaching children and youth. I teach the Deacons and find it challenging to hold back some things that I’d like to share with them.

    If you ever have another episode on teaching youth, I’d be happy to share my insights and experiences.

  3. Another great one! It remeinded me of a class I took this summer. It was a teaching class geared toward k-2nd grades, but there was a handout on asking effective questions that was fantastic! I used it in teaching RS and had some really great discussions. I am including the link below, I hope it works. If you scroll down there are great example questions that just need a little twist to apply to any class you can teach in the church, home or any situation.


    (hope it works!!)

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