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  1. Hello Dan,

    Just wanted to chime in and say that my Uncle, Wesley Johnson, is still alive and though his health has declined somewhat over the last decade, his mind is as sharp as ever. Truly one of the most intelligent people I know. In fact, I credit him with getting me over the hump in finishing my own dissertation. Just thought you’d like to know, in case you weren’t aware.

    Rob S.

    1. Post

      Hi Rob, Neat to hear of your connection with Wes–and how he helped with the dissertation process. It’s one I know too well. So wrenching to get through it.

      I knew Wes was alive and well from his speaking at Sunstone this August. Thanks for checking in, though. I’m not sure we’ll add another episode on Dialogue besides this one and the one on the present and future, but I’ll keep Wes in mind if we do.


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