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  1. Wonderful podcast! One of my favorites! I especially loved hearing from Becky Linford, but they were all fantastic! Thank you!

  2. The Best Thing:
    Wonderful parents that had a love of life…they lived the 13th article of faith. Growing up in a Southern California Ward, was a great time back in the late 60’s (I’m now 62 yrs. old). The gospel was simple and a good “anchor” to an exciting life….great sports programs (besides high school basketball, which was great too), road shows, church dances with live rock bands, great Boy Scout Troop, Sea Scout adventures, fun Mutual activities, great friends and non-member friends that also enjoyed our dances and sport programs. My Dad and Mom, both supported my interests in so many ways…including playing in a rock band, and my Dad, drove me and my band buddies, to my first Jimi Hendrix, concert. My parents loved music as well. Mom was the Ward organist (and piano)for most of her life. My Dad has been gone now for 20 years, but my Mom is still with us. They will always be the “best thing” about the church, to me.

  3. A lovely respite from some of the heavy conversations rolling around as a result of the new purge. Thank you all. I myself wondering, “Could listening to J. Golden Kimball have been as fun as listening to Becky Linford?!”

  4. This definitely interesting view points of the individuals, very much the ‘white’ society of the mormon church. It was interesting to have heard their views.
    Being not of the ‘white’ mormon society, its interesting to hear and see their views of certain points of the church. Very sad to hear about the one person mentioning the ‘cockroaches’ testimony of such people, guess that tells you how mind trained, narrow mind perhaps, some people are in the church, don’t realize what they say or mean to say and continue to ramble on. These types of talks in the church can get to be very offensive with people. How words are said and put across need to be watched especially now this is definitely a world wide church.
    A few times talks in sacrament meeting have struck me to the core, I was extremely unhappy to say the least. Once I almost stood up in the middle of a talk, what kept me down was my children that were with me. This had to do with the way this individual brought up the idea of how the Indians (American Indians) were a stumbling block to the progression of the church or families when the pioneers first came to the valley. People in the church especially the white bread society don’t understand or many will never simply because of what they have been taught or don’t want to be opened minded.
    I could go on and on but I will end at this point. Word of advice, be careful of what you make fun of or what you say.

    Great to have seen you and your wife.

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