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  1. I love both of these ideas! I will be sending you an email shortly.

    I also want to thank you guys for everything you do. I am something of a late-comer to Mormon Matters, but have been working my way through old episodes and I dearly love that I have found a group of people who share similar thoughts and beliefs.

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  3. This feels to me like the cute stories that come over the pulpit on Sunday, like nails down a chalkboard to my spirit. I am willing to give it a chance but the church has podcasts that cater to this. I may have to stop listening if it gets too much.
    Mormon matters offered me a life line to help get me through on this part of my journey and I appreciate this.
    I need light and knowledge not up- liftment and that is why I listen to mormon matters. I need to engage my mind not my feelings that is what is lacking at church, engagement of the mind.

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