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  1. OK, totally great timing for me to get to listen to this as one of our son’s is in Basic Training to be an officer in the National Guard. So interesting to hear all of your experiences and how it all works in the different services! Thank you all for sharing, but most importantly your service to our country and your fellow man! Loved this. <3

    1. Jarelee, I’m glad you enjoyed the conversation. As we mentioned, we barely scratched the surface of the ministry military chaplains provide service members and their families. As your son completes his training and returns to his National Guard unit, I hope they have a chaplain who will support him in his leadership role. Peace–Nathan

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  4. I loved this podcast! What a valuable service these families provide to our armed services!!! I got to know the Klines here in Germany and love them dearly. It was really interesting to be introduced to the work of LDS chaplains through them. As their friend and their son’s primary teacher, it really opened my eyes to see the demands it places on these families uniquely prepared to serve in some of the Lord’s other vineyards. How enriching this work is too! I loved the description of how it is how they magnify their priesthood, how their vision of what it means to be God’s children is expanded. I also really enjoy Phil’s inner work podcasts her, very important stuff. This podcast filled in gaps of understanding and shared poignant stories I never got around to chatting about with the Klines, so thank you!

  5. I really enjoyed this one, but would like to point out that unlike chaplains and doctors, military lawyers (JAGs) are combatants and carry weapons.

    1. Brad, professional types who carry weapons (sidearms) are none-the-less non-combatants. The sidearm (pistol) is strictly for self-defense. Chaplains may not carry weapons of any type, but are assigned a chaplain assistant, who must.

  6. Loved the story about the “cutting hair ministry.” That is exactly what I thought of too, the Savior washing feet. I’m sure that those guys hair in a forward area was absolutely disgusting. Beautiful. Thanks for this episode.

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