Episode 8: A Review of “States of Grace” and “Orthodox Paradox”

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In this episode we are excited to have Rosalynde Welch as our producer/moderator!!! The 2 main topics are:

  • A review of Richard Dutcher’s “States of Grace” with special guest moderator Brian Gibson (major spoiler alert for those who still plan to see the movie!!!!). Otherwise, a great analysis.
  • A discussion of a recent New York Times Magazine article entitled, “Orthodox Paradox” with panelist David King Landrith (DKL).

One program note:

  • Near the end, Rosalynde mentions a novel “The Ladies Auxiliary.” Just as an FYI, the author of this book is Tova Mirvis.

Thanks again to all who participated!!!

Please let us know your thoughts!

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  1. I really enjoyed this podcast. Rosalynde, I have particularly reflected on your statement that our sacraments are how we receive grace.

  2. Excellent podcast by all. Rosalynde was extremely well prepared. I hope she hosts again. David and Brian were articulate and engaging sparring partners. Very well done.

  3. Listened to the podcast last night and enjoyed it. Rosalynd was definitely well prepared, maybe even over-prepared. It seemed she had prepared a lot to say in advance and that she did the vast majority of the talking. Fortunately what she had to say was quite insightful, however, at times I was wishing we could hear a little more from the panel as opposed to the discussion leader, just to get another perspective. Overall, job well done!

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