The Bloggernacle Song (inspired by Adam Sandler)

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There’s been a lot of buzz about Senator Hatch’s Hanukkah Song, and The Tonight Show’s Mormon Song. I don’t think either one of them can beat Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah Song for sheer chutzpah! I also love versions two and three, and the Mormon Fireside Song which parodies it. That’s why Mormon Matters presents, for your enjoyment, THE BLOGGERNACLE SONG (complete with guitar chords), sung to the tune of Adam Sandler’s. Now, we’re sure we’ve missed a lot of you, so following Adam’s tradition, feel free to write additional couplets about yourself or your favorite bloggernacler in the comments!

The Bloggernacle Song

[A] Turn on your [E] computer for the [D] song of the [E] Bloggernacle —

[A] You can thank MormonMatters for [E] tackling
[D] the song about [E] Bloggernacling!

[A] The Bloggernacle [E] is a group of [D] Mormons who [E] write,
[A] We have hundreds of [E] alternatives [Bm] to one [D] correlated [E] site!

[A] When you feel like the only [E] one in town who [D] blogs all night past [E] three,
[A] Here’s a list of [E] Mormon bloggers [D] just like you and [E] me:

[A] Kaimi [E] Wenger [D] is a blogger and a lawyer,
[A] Like [E] Nate Oman, [D] Steve Evans, but NOT [E]Scott Sawyer

[A] Even J. Max Wilson[E] knows the [D] Bloggernacle’s [E] groovy,
[A] Now that [E] Bookslinger‘s been [D] Apostle [E] approved, whee!

[A] DKL and [E] Kevin have [D] scandalous [E] stories,
[A] But Rusty and Geoff J. — [E] what [D] mustachio’ed [E] glories! [Esus] [E] [D] You dont need FARMS or FAIR or DAMU (no link)
[E] Cause you can speculate with BiV and the Mormon Heretic, too  –(both bloggernaclers!) [Esus] [A] FMH [E] Lisa and the [D] Mormon Mommy [E] crew,
Give us [A] feminist [E] theory with a [D] bit of [E] pee and poo.

[A] Aaron [E] Shafavaloff  — [D] not in the [E] Bloggernacle!
But [A] guess who [E]is…T&S’er [D] Ms. Bridget [E] Jack’le — (figure that one out) [Bm] [A] We got Taryn, [E] and her husband [D] J. [E] Seawright,
[A] Ardis and JI [E] will make sure that you [D] have your [E] history right!

[A] Some people [E] think that [D] TAMN counts[E] on SSB,
Nope, [A] but all eight [E] Taylors [D] make up [E] the ZD’s! [Esus] [E] [D] We’ve got a lot of John’s: Remy, Dehlin, and so
[E] But we don’t know where to put them on the Archipelago… [Esus] [A] So use your PC or Mac’le [D] and get on the [E] Bloggernacle
You [A] may just start to [E] cackle, when you [D] read the [E] Bloggernacle.

[A] Drink your Diet Coke [E] Classic’le, and [D] put on the  [E] Tabernacle,
Be a [A] real Mormon rascal [E] as a [D] happy, happy, [E] part of the [A] Bloggernacle!

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    Hmm, this does sort of remind me of the Niblets–where Steve Evans nominates self for every category. But, since he’s been surprisingly tactful this time, I am granting his wish. There you go, Steve. Name up in lights.

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