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Several people are having problems downloading this podcast (either it doesn’t download, or it only downloads a portion). Please, please, please help us troubleshoot. If you have attempted to download the latest podcast, whether you were successful or not, would you pleaseanswer the following questions for us?

  • What browser are you using to download? If you’re using IE, can you try using Firefox just to experiment?
  • What operating system are you using?
  • How are you downloading?
    • Are you left-clicking on the “audio MP3″ button?
    • Are you left-clicking on the Download link?
    • Are you right-clicking on any of these links and clicking “Save As”?
    • Are you using iTunes to download?
    • Other?
  • What happens when it fails?
  • If you try again later in the day (using the same method), does it still fail?
  • Also, if you have been successful, can you answer the same questions?

Please give us more info, so we can get to the bottom of this problem.


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  1. I tried left-clicking on the download link. The audio file claimed to be about 35 seconds long. It completed download and started playing. I reloaded the audio file and it came up as the correct length the second time. This is similar to problems that several people have reported to me.

  2. My Downloading Story:

    I am using iTunes. I had it set to manually update podcasts, which I did whenever I opened iTunes. I had it downloading all of them at first, but I stopped it after it got back through #47 and changed the settings to download only the most recent, which is how it is now.

    While syncing my ipod I noticed that episodes 47, 52, 54, 55, & 57 were not fully downloaded (times ranging from 0:00 – 27:51). I tried updating the podcast but iTunes did not attempt re-download of any of the casts.

    I deleted the incomplete #57 hoping that a manual update would then get it again (it does not, even though there’s now a 58, I guess since I deleted it iTunes figures I don’t want it. Makes sense.)

    I noticed yesterday that when I manually updated the podcast that duplicate versions of #47-#56 showed up in my iTunes with a button to “get” them if I want. I clicked “get” for #55 and #56. #56 worked, but #55 shows it’s only 14 minutes long, so I’m assuming that one had problems too (the first #55 is 0:06).

    #57 doesn’t show up, probably because I deleted it once, so I went to the MormonStories site (using Firefox, clicked the “download” link at the bottom (regular left-click), and saved it to disk. It only downloaded a minute or so of audio before it stopped — I’m pretty sure I got the “download complete” message. I tried again immediately, overwriting the first file, and that time it worked.

    While I was on, iTunes was attempting a download of #58, which also came through incomplete. (I’m not sure if the downloading was actually happening at the same time as my manual #57 download. maybe, maybe not)

    As I was writing this I manually downloaded #58 from the MormonStories site (using Firefox, same as before) and I got 45 minutes, which I think it the whole thing.

    I am on Windows XP home version 2002 with service pack 2 installed.

    I hope this is helpful!

  3. I just realized that my previous post was entirely about mormon STORIES. I also use iTunes to download Mormon Matters. I got #1 and #3 ok but #2 is short. A couple thoughts that may or may not be related:

    1) the cut-off time on #2 mormon matters corresponds to about the time my laptop would have gone into stand-by mode (I was away from it). I don’t know about others, but since it is a laptop, it does go into standby fairly soon after I walk away.

    2) when I tried to come back and post a minute ago I got a page saying that this website had exceeded its quota and to try again later. This happened several times over the last few minutes until I successfully got through –?

  4. When the new episodes appear in my ITunes v., I left-click on the “GET” button and it usually works. Lately, with some of the latest, I’m only getting a part of the episodes. Mormon Matters #1, and #2, but I got all of #3. Mormon Stories #55 and #57, but I got all of #56. I get the same thing every time I try. Wierd. I think there’s an upgrade to ITunes. I’m going too try that and see if it makes any difference. I’m glad that I’m not alone.

  5. I download through ITunes. It works except for Mormon Stories #55, 56 and 57. I got 17 sec, 1min 38 sec, and 32 seconds respectively. I have not tried unsubscribing to Mormon Stories, yet. But I did upgrade itunes — no luck. No “GET” button is available to try again. I would love to hear these episodes.

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