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  1. Hey all!

    Just a quick thanks for the support! The podcast name looks as nice as ever!

    Some say I’m just an explanation of poorly understood mental health problems and physical illnesses both today and in biblical times, but I like to think of myself as an effective means of contolling and coercing great masses of credulous people!

    gotta run, it’s time to feed the serpents…

    Yours faithfully,


  2. I enjoyed this episode but the audio quality continues to be a problem. I wish it could be balanced between the participants. Some of the panel were very loud and at the same time Dan was so soft that I couldn’t really understand what was being said. Fiddling with the audio was a little aggravating and detracted from some important and thoughtful comments.

    1. Yes, I echo these observations. Audio levels were troublesome, leading to many of the participants being too loud, and you, Dan, being very soft at times. Not sure if that is a mic placement issue, or soft speaking, or what, but just something to be aware of.

      Thanks for the podcast. Very interesting and thought-provoking, as usual.

  3. Thanks Dan for a quick-turnaround analysis and commentary on conference. Interesting and insightful content.

    Just to second the comment about audio: these episodes were challenging to listen to because audio levels were either too high for some speakers or too low for you, Dan. Your voice tends to trail off and get very quiet a lot, not sure if it’s microphone placement issue or what. Just something to consider. Thanks again.

  4. Quick correction: In discussing Elder Holland’s talk, Dan says that Elder Holland acknowledged that the bishop in his story was wrong. That isn’t accurate. Elder Holland says, “I don’t know which of these men had the more accurate facts that day….Regardless of who was right about the tithing, evidently both Morrell and the bishop forgot the Savior’s injunction to “agree with thine adversary quickly” and Paul’s counsel to “let not the sun go down upon your wrath.”

    So Elder Holland did not say the bishop was in the wrong. He didn’t assert that the bishop was in the right, so that’s something. But I am with Scott. I think it was a missed opportunity to tell all of us that bishops and leaders err. That they may have cause to apologize for the mistakes they make in serving in their callings.

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