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  1. Father Tom was a bit all over the map on this podcast.
    But to synthesize he wishes that Latter-day Saints would participate in more interfaith activities together with Catholics and other Christians in general that we could learn a lot from each other as we share our doctrines and beliefs in a non-combatant type of way. He really likes the theosis doctrine of man becoming like God.

    But for me the reason I was mostly interested in listening to this podcast was for Matthew 5:31-32 clarification which didn’t come until after the 1:02 hour mark, where if we put away a woman we cause her to commit adultery and his explanation makes a lot of sense in the ancient world where as today this wouldn’t really apply since woman can be self reliant and find good sources for employment rather than recurring to prostitution as they would have had to do in the old days. Kind of sad to think that was the only recourse women had to survive in the old world.

    1. Dear David, Brother Dan and I deliberately took a broad swath to cover a wide area of subjects. Every question Dan asked was faithfully answered. We attempted to encourage the audience to glean some of the answers for themselves. The questions ranged from my life history, participation with Mormonism, enthronements to divorce and remarriage so everyone could find a item which pertained to his/her interests. Thank you for responding. Father Tom

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