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  1. Dan,
    Bravo! Now go and give the fruit of tree of knowledge of good and evil to Dehlin and Reels. Just joking!! Well kinda of.

    The approach in your narrative to how it is possible to deal with faith, truth, church, institutions, belief etc. couldn’t have been articulated better. It is so refreshing to have an objective and open perspective that doesn’t criticize, mock or make ultimate demands on the listener. I have become very weary of where the progressive side of “Mormonism” has been heading. However, you have managed to bridge the gap to both sides of the fence and make a space for those who aren’t driven by outrage mania aganst every perceived indiscretion that the Church appears to somehow provoke. I love your attitude and ability to remain mature vs. the trends that I have noticed from other podcasts from the progressive bend. You possibly may be the last beacon of hope of one who hasn’t yet jumped ship. And I hope you never do!

    Though I am definitely confident we have differences politically, socially etc. I do feel you are a real brother in Christ and do appreciate your style and earnest hope that we all can get through this. Keep up the good work!!!! BTW….I’ve been a listener for many years and even still remain a TBM. Can you believe it?

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