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  1. This is it, this IS the main issue with Religion and for sure the Mormon Religion. This issue goes to the deepest problem and the REASON population moves away from Religion. Youth leave first, followed by the rest. Mormons teach from BIRTH, Sinner and Repent and Cleanse thru Authority. Follow the Prophet, from Birth, such that all callings trickle down from Gods to Prophet and on down. From Birth, one doesn’t even have a shot. And the Ecclesiastical filter and process and churning, just highlights and exacerbates the Sinner to Cleanse, God Awful Cycle. It is sickening. Joseph alone with a 14 year old was NEVER right. An adult alone with a child, is NEVER, EVER, right. And it has gone along all these years. And it would never be fixed or outed UNTIL that one Bishop or Ecclesiastical leader stepped forward, with any sort of credibility. Nobody else would have the credibility. This one issue, this new Mormon Moment, will be the final undoing whereby all interviews will change, all policies will be updated, and the continual migration away from Religion, Mormonism for sure, will continue and SPIKE.

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