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  1. I was looking up this episode to share with some friends and noticed there were no comments. Wanted to share that i found this podcast fascinating and soulful. Thank you Dan and Phil! I even shared a few ideas from it in my testimony last year. A handful of my friends (all LDS) were discussing their fear of death and I will be sharing this with them!! I think it will help them fill their void.

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      Thank you, so much, Barb! I am really glad that it has been impactful in your life. I hope it will connect similarly with your friends.

      I very much loved doing this whole series that included Stephen Carter and Sam Brown, as well. It is strange how some shows generate a decent amount of discussion and others don’t. In general, the shows see more discussion on Facebook than here. I wish that weren’t the case, but just make peace with it.

      All my best!

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