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  1. Does anybody know more specifics about the quote that Ron Barney shared about 40 minutes into part 1? He said it was from Orson F. Whitney in 1843 and it was about his view on the translation/revelation power of Joseph. It ended with “Yet in the letter, they bear the impress of Joseph Smith and are the product of his genius just as much as the writings of Isiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel are the literary creations of those ancient seers.” (punctuation probably not right)

    1. Sorry, I should have searched a little bit longer before I asked it here, I just found a couple sources for it. I was misinterpreting Ron’s use of it. It was written in 1905 for Improvement Era celebrating Joseph Smith’s 100th birthday. And the part Ron quoted was speaking towards the Doctrine and Covenants, not the Book of Mormon. Whitney has a more literal view as he describes the spiritual translation process of the Nephite record and the Egyptian Papyrus. But the D&C was different, more like Isaiah or Ezekial.

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