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  1. In our stake the 4th Sunday topics are chosen by the stake, glad to see that changing.
    Glad to see Teachings of the president gone as the teachings our outdated and irrelevant.
    Like to understand better how the come follow me topics will work, will they be the same as the Youth?

    1st Sundays of the month in our ward are treated as leader’s choice not leader’s council to figure out needs of the ward.
    This is where I sometimes get a chance to talk about complex relevant topics.

    ARP meetings can also become trite.

  2. I am really impressed with Stephen’s exploratory model and the possibilities it brings for classroom discussion! However, I am just wondering as to how he (or anyone who uses the model) typically closes such a lesson. Under the “hermetic” model there is usually a last quote or story that affirms the ideal and then a testimony-bearing by the teacher. But what is the best way to close if you are trying to stay away from all that?

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