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  1. This was wonderful, insightful, refreshing, renewing. Thanks to all three of you. Lisa, your list at the end of what you learned is beautiful. Worth listening again.

  2. Great episode. I’m 2/3 through at this point.

    Before I forget, I wanted to comment that I loved what Kim said in the 2nd episode (408) @ 33:10

    “I have a lot of confidence in the process, if people are free they are going to find their way. One of the things that I think undermines people who are let’s say wandering, is when other important people in their life show up and kind of freak out, and then it undermines their confidence. It also diminishes the truth about our existence. We are co-eternal with the gods, and we have our volition. And as long as we have, as Lisa said multiple times, as long as we keep moving forward, keep moving forward, keep moving forward, it is OK, it is going to be OK, it is going to be better than OK.”

  3. I know I’m late to this discussion but I’m behind on my listening of the podcast. As a former young walker many years ago I really enjoyed the memories these episodes brought back.
    I especially enjoyed the talk on food fantasies. Definitely true. I remember at one point wondering if the foods we were dreaming about really existed at all!
    Loved the episodes and all Mormon matters.

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