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  1. This FaceBook group sounds interesting, and I’m wondering if I would be allowed to join it…

    I was a member of the LDS church for 33 years, but I resigned 12 years ago. However, I am still married to it, since my husband remains 150% “TBM”. I am trying to make peace between us regarding religion, although I don’t know at this point if that will ever involve a return to the LDS church on my part or not. From what was said in this podcast about the kind of members you’re looking for, I would probably qualify in pretty much all of the other ways you described, except that I’m not currently a member of the LDS church, although I do still attend with my husband when I’m up to it. So my question is: Do you have to be a current member of the LDS church in order to be a member of this FaceBook Group, or can you just be someone who has to live with it and wants to do so in more healthy ways?

    I feel the need for a “counterbalance” to what I hear from my husband at home and to what I hear at his ward most Sundays whenever I attend, since I no longer have a religious affiliation of my own. I was a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation for most of those 12 years, but that ended earlier this year, so I now feel very much alone in my “spiritual journey”, and I’m wondering if this FaceBook group might help by providing a safe place where I might be able to share my thoughts and experiences with like-minded people.

    EDiL13 (Elohim’s Daughter in Law)

    (Note: This is the “handle” I’ve been using when I’ve posted comments on Mormon Stories, but I would be willing to use my real name on the FaceBook group if required.)

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