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  2. I’m not done listening yet, but I wanted to ask before I forgot…
    Caleb, What is your family scripture mastery?
    Jennifer, What are the values you mentioned you teach in your “family meetings?” You mentioned loyalty, friendship and perseverance. What other values so you cover?
    Great topic! Thanks!

      1. Thanks Caleb! I should have finished listening before I commented! Now that I have I can say a big thank you to everyone. That was a great discussion. I appreciate the modeling and examples of how to teach my children. I think I’ll have to re listen, but your I appreciate having your list in print form! I need to sit down with my husband, take yours as an example and create our own family list!

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  4. This was a great podcast with nice insights for improved gospel discussion in the home. The dialogue was was so excellent and seemed so effortless and natural. Goals!!

    I’m with Dan that the “loophole” term is preventing me from connecting the dots on the meaning of that gem. For me, I think of not judging others as one of the greatest gifts we mortals have to give each other… the message being that we are all different, experiencing different challenges and successes, wrestling with defining our faith and our identity… not judging is a gift of compassion we can offer to others and to ourselves. So if that is the intent of the message, maybe “‘Judge not’ is key to you and others being able to discover how the gospel works in your lives.”

  5. This was a great episode. Thank you to you all for sharing your experiences with your children. I love your 13th commandment, Caleb, so much as well as the others. Love hearing how you’ve handled kids not wanting to go to church and their testimony questions! Lots to contemplate. Thank you!!

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