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  1. Great Discussion! I appreciated the understanding and empathy relative to more traditional women who hold the view that the structure is working for them and, in fact, is how God ordained it. It’s important to consider and attempt to understand all sides of the issues. Fascinating article and responses! Such Important discussions! Thank you for doing this work.

  2. Thanks for this discussion. The day after listening to it, we had a multi-stake conference visited by Elder M. Russell Ballard. Prior to his remarks, the Mission President along with another visiting member of the seventy were invited to bear a short testimony. In my head I’m thinking – what about the other Mission President aka the “Mission President’s wife”? As Elder Ballard stood up to start his talk, he thought for a moment and then determined that the conference required the wise words of women, and invited her to speak which she did graciously and without pause. Prior to listening to this podcast, I likely wouldn’t have even noticed!

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