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  1. I have read the Book of Mormon tens of time. And, it never occurred to me that Captain Moroni was a pre-atonement man. The insights given on this podcast are striking and amazing, I learned so much!!

    Thank you all, especially you, Dan, for the work you each so in furthering the message of the gospel via written and spoken word.

    You all are truly amazing!! Thank you!!

  2. I have read the Book of Mormon tens of times and it never occurred to me to look at Captain Moroni as a pre-Atonement man. That was such an amazing insight, and just one of many I received from listening to this podcast. Thank you to each of you for teaching me so much!!

  3. An example of what can happen when thoughtful people help lead us beyond the question “Is the Book of Mormon true?” to ask, instead, “Is it useful and insightful? Can it inform my life? Does it point me to The Way?” As Dan says, Good stuff!

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