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  1. I almost liked this episode. I think you guys made a HUGE mistake though. When discussing addiction, particularly pornography and sex addiction (and the jury is still out on whether or not those actually exist), it’s important to talk about what constitutes an “addiction”. It is SO misunderstood in the church. Don’t add fuel to that fire.

    1. The issue I have with always talking about what constitutes an “addition” is that too often the discussion stops there. We can just accept that in Church culture “compulsion” and “addiction” are synonymous. And with how language develops, that an okay thing. With “addiction” it doesn’t always mean clinical addiction that you can measure in the brain the same way you measure drug addiction. And this isn’t just true in the Church, this is true across all other discussions about “compulsion” and “addiction.” The media often uses the term addiction because that is how our language developed (I would read a history of the English language book to understand this more, I got a degree in English so we studied in depth how language changes over time). Just because it isn’t a clinical “addiction” doesn’t mean that society can’t use that word. The scientific meaning isn’t always the most correct, or most accurate meaning, specifically because it can limit out “compulsions” purely because people choose not to use the word compulsion.

      This same discussion happens in the video game culture, where people argue for hours that there is no such thing as video game “addiction” because it is scientifically a “compulsion.” To see this discussion in a video game context I would recommend watching this youtube clip: https://youtu.be/Y5RSngCFpsc

      So to say “there is no such thing as porn addiction” demonstrates a complete and utter lack of understanding of language, and how it develops in a society.

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