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  1. I really enjoyed this podcast, thank you all for taking the time to discuss these things in an open-minded and engaging way. I especially liked the quote at the end clarifying the reasons and purpose of staying engaged with the church. I’ve been struggling for months with so much, but these things you discuss and unravel for us really do help the hopeful.

  2. Great podcast. Thanks Dan, Gina, Patrick and Boyd. I’m currently reading “Planted,” and finding it useful.
    Boy, it sure is difficult sometimes to find a place in the church community/culture (and I grew up in UT–but not currently living in UT). Most certainly UT Mormon culture sometimes serves as an underpinning to policies.
    I do think ward/leadership lottery can make it harder or easier–harder for my family at this point in life. We’ve had church leader(s) categorically say their job is to follow/obey the direction of the “higher-ups” and if the direction is wrong, then the sin will be laid on those giving the direction.

    I struggle with when/how/if to voice my own thoughts at church. Mostly I just keep them to myself. I’m already on the fringe and worry I will just create more distance between myself and ward members.

    Thanks again!

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    1. Did you listen to the episode? Almost all of it was about being independent in one’s spirituality from whatever church leaders say, as those change from person to person and over time as the church continues to engage the wider culture (they can’t and won’t resist it forever, especially when the fruits of new thinking show themselves as good). His remarks only hold together within a hermetically sealed deductive argument. Change the things plugged in at the top, and change a piece or two in the “from this we knows” as he works his way to the conclusion that same-sex marriage thwarts the Plan of Salvation, it all falls apart. As science and more church members engage on this issue, leaders will be called to reconsider just how “certain” we are about the specifics of God’s plan, about eternal gender essentialism, etc. With a broader theory, arguments like his will show their weaknesses more and more, even to the “usually enthralled be every leader’s word” crowd.

      1. How is anything Bednar said anywhere close to “fostering and nurturing a discipleship in Jesus Christ” as one of the panelists said as a justification for continuing to follow the prophet despite them being fallible. Let’s be honest, what Bednar said was way beyond being “fallible”. What Bednar said is the exact kind of rhetoric that could lead gay lds members to kill themselves. It’s not just being fallible, it is being totally unchristlike while representing yourself as personally representing Christ.

        Can you even get more wrong than saying, “there are no homosexual members of the church”? Dan, with the recent statements made by the church and the clearly insane position of Bednar, who will be around a long time……do you honestly expect to see gay members treated equally in the church in your lifetime?

        I have a lot of respect for you Dan. It is rare that someone so intelligent can also have such a big heart. I just have to wonder, at some point, do you even have a breaking point?

        What I would really like is one of the panelists to listen to Elder Bednar’s statement and respond. I would love to see their rationalization set upon a real life example.

        1. Jeff,
          I had a friend send me the link to the Bednar “no homosexual members” clip. When I went to watch the video clip I was expecting the worst, but when I listened to the whole thing I walked away with a different perspective than my friend. I’ll try and make it quick, here are my thoughts.

          Without any mental gymnastics, I interpreted his comments to mean that we should not think as members of our church as gay or straight, but we should all unify in the knowledge that we are children of a loving god. I’m pretty sure that Elder Bednar is very aware of open and closet gays in our church.

          I did not appreciate how he changes the question that was asked, to fit his worldview. Elder Bednars comments discredit or hinder, a disenfranchised group, to decide what they would prefer to call themselves. He does not even give them the respect to allow them to identify as gay.

  4. Dear BROTHERS and SISTERS of the World, Can WE fully appreciate how Our Heavenly Father councils all of US into following righteous living characteristics that HE has so lovingly prepared for HIS children, and how HE feels about the influence that Satan so vigorously endorse through different behavior? Our Heavenly Fathers Plan will not be thwarted in any way but WE as members of the Church need to Accept and Succor all types of behavior….as only a Loving and Merciful Heavenly Father would. Do WE also appreciate how difficult a subject this is to monitor by the General Authorities of the Church. I gravitate toward an equal understanding of this issue with empathetic equality, but, after all is said and done Our Heavenly Father works through his Servants to reach amicable outcomes, and God will not be mocked.

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