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    1. Yes, excellent observation. Your comment, much like this podcast (and the other ones concerning this new policy) are really twisting and bending my mind. I’m feeling such an incredible push and pull. Tension and chaos surrounds me. I’m finding myself praying for understanding as I am extremely confused about what all of this should me for me and all my brothers and sisters. Not afraid right now to say, I just simply do not know.

  1. Thanks to all of you for sharing and your insights. This policy feels amiss and is unsettling. For me, having let go of my worry about how I relate to the LDS culture, found myself still shocked and dismayed that past informal behavior became formal and was a targeted decision. We, as societies on earth, are just unable to fully accept and understand the works of eternity. We ultimately, while here, draw tribal lines, set up protective fortresses,and ready ourselves for the invasion of whom we feel threatened by. We wage war with ourselves, physical, emotional, and even spiritual. It is just how mortals behave. We cannot help ourselves even when we think we are doing what is true and good. So I will just press forward looking steadfastly to the eternities that lie awaiting in my future and enjoy the conversations in the here and now with my fellow frustrated travelers.

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