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  2. I may be missing something, but I hear the Church responding to doubts members are expressing over the historical findings and revelations, which leave people feeling like they’ve been lied to and hence, doubt leadership. It seems like everyone is playing into the resulting faith crisis as if the Church is directing the discussion. I’d like to hear more clear discussion about the distinction between deep disappointment in Church leadership and belief that constitutes a testimony.

  3. When I was in high school and almost extremely TBM, I planned on telling my future husband that he was the second most important thing in the world to me, God/the church being the first. I have since changed my mind about many things about the church, but I never realized how painful that mindset could have been to my future husband (btw, I have not married yet). Yes, individuals first, institutions second. Institutions cannot have their hearts broken because of things people say about them, but individuals can. Thank you, Jon Grimes, for sharing that story.

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